Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Indulging Moment

There is nothing can beat this. So Creamy..yummy..crunchy & chewy. When you feel sobber, try this , it will wipe away your sadness..and when you are happy you will be thankfull that you choose the right will fly to the moon :)

The Friendship Album

I am making a Friendship is the activities of me with friends and my colleague..the album still simple as i am still they are :

Album cover
We were at Dufan, Ancol...

On the left..Tornado!..the game I don't want to play heart is almost fell...but it was unforgetable moment anyway.

left, at swimming pool with friends...and right is me with Tiur my best friend, at Lido Sukabumi

Me and my former boss Deepa - picture taken before she moved out.

This is me, Deepa,Tiurma and a friend..we want to know if we still have thrilled..

At Anyer Beach..during the Office Gathering

In Bali, with buyers....Business and pleasure mix together

My best friend at Busana Group..some of them are not member anymore. They are graduated from Busana but still family.. and friend

Yeah..this is me and Retno.

Shirley, Retno, Tsukasa and Ms. Yuna

Me, and buyers and my boss

Old timer..

Paintball game with friends from my previous company

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The New House...Dream House

I am not being uploading the above picture, but We are so happy that finally we can have our own house...Not too small and not too big..but it has a front yard and small yard at the back..3 bedrooms, a small pantry, 1 bathroom and 1 extra bathroom at the back and 1 small maid room..which later I am going to use that room as a kitchen. The house is not 100% yet..need one more month for finishing...the guys in front of the house is my hubby and my daugther.... OKE...I will upload new pictures once the house is completely finish.