Tuesday, July 13, 2010

BELIEVE Album - Sneak Peek

It's almost finished..i just have to give an additional touch ( for the journaling ). .here is the sneak peek...just the cover only :)

Thanks Mba Ria, for the Album Kit...and I like the color combination..it's so fresh like a Lemon Lime...

Art Journal

My Art Journal...It's simply about ME...and my feelings

to be continued...

Sunday, July 11, 2010

5 Things in My Bag

There are always few things I never leave without..when I am going to work or going somewhere..and believe you are in the same page with me here...

Here are 5 things...always in my Bag :

FIRST, Wallet for my small amount of money :) including a credit card and another wallet to carry my USB Flashdisks and one Modem..the USB is to store my official working folder and also my Pictures..here it is :

SECOND, Mobile Phones. I had 2 of them...the BB is the most important ones..where I can open emails ( when I want ) and to browsing...FB...chitchat with friends and sharing gossips :)..the BB is coming handy. Trust me on this!
And the other phone is for a spare..when the BB is low bat OR even when it hang...( that is the common deaseas happen on my BB) and so far..I don't want to change the BB since...it was a Birthday gift from my hubby last year..

THIRD..is my MP3 Player...yes.. this is my faithfull friend...I used to go to the office riding a public Bus and sometime the driver playing an annoying song..( annoying to my ear)..so I plug on my MP3 and turn it to the louder volume so it can beat the music from the bus. It helps and hope my Ear is fine..( so far it is fine...gheez )

FORTH. is my fancy glass...never leave home without it....I ride Ojeks from my home to the pick up point and using this glasses to avoid the dust coming to my eyes and ofcourse...value added to my fashion style...*wink*

FIFTH...my make up kit...yayy! ..I do not wear too much make up. I wear just a simple one...as long as I have put on the powder, lipstick and parfume is enough...but always carry my makeup kit everywhere..
To some people if they do not wear any make up just like going out naked...Hmm is that true ?

There they are.
So what about you ?...what do you have in your bag..what things never leave without ?
Pls share with me...I want to know too