Wednesday, April 21, 2010

TAG it..TAG it...

Look...My Tags...are done...I think I am gonna make a lot of it crazy about it...Thank's to Ria Nirwana for her talented works and inspired me lot.

Ribbon and Laces

I work in Garment Industries...and I have a lots of left over ribbons and lace given by the supplier for free as I decided to dye it in colors...
See the result after I dyed colorful and yummy...yellow, green, blue and red. My girl likes it too

After all dry, I packed them in plastic to cover it from dust. Aren't they LOVELY laces

The Artistic Mother - Inspiration

I just bought the book by Shona Cole and she is such a smart artist. And a mother too as myself..
I love her art and creativities . And I made this color paper after reading her blog and reading her book The Artistic Mother.
It's not as good as hers but at least I have my own according to her, we have to learn from the tortoise...slowly but sure..
I will set this paper aside and will use it later for my project !!...keep it up gal!

The House Album

Okay Friends, The album page is complete now. It take "A" while to finish u know I am busy Mom..too occupied with lots of work work..and do my duty as a MOMMIE too :).

Welcome to My House...

This is the Front Door, I paint it Red...since I love's outstanding. Isn't it ?

A view from the front yard...did I say Front Yard ?....YESS i have a front yard...dream come true :) ..I can plant Manggo tree in front of my house and many more

Our Porch and a Rattan chair, where I can sit relaxin and enjoying the view and sip a cup of coffee in the morning...NICE

My Favorite Sofa...Green color and Kogepan my brownie potatoe bread toy's is my Icon :)

Dining table...simple

This is our Bedroom..the sanctuary space...One side of wall in Grey color and other leave it in off white.

My Son's bed room is below blue

And my daugther's room is my craft room...:)...

I have a the back yard and paint it Red too...

and the Pantry..where I cook ( whenever I have time ) for my family

Small thing in our house

That's it...That our HOUSE...Home is where you story begin