Friday, July 22, 2011

A Haul from ASEMKA

At the earliest month o July, I went to ASEMKA ..for those who doesn't know let me tell you a short info about "Asemka" is the crowdest market on earth that sells everything..and it located in the Northern of Jakarta near the Kota Tua, and if you are looking for things to resell, this is the place. You can get cheaper price for an item as long as you buy it in a big lot as in minimum 1 dozen or for small things the min is 1 gross.
and you'd better bring cash, because most of the store don't accept credit card.

I bought some cute stationaries stuff as picture below for my sister who have a small shop back home in they are...( I went crazy a little..hehehe..)

And when I reached home I need a full body massage...:)