Wednesday, July 18, 2012

First Day at the Local Public School Elementary

Mommie  pls take a look at me with a new funny.
Actually this is the first day that my darling daughter went to her public elementary school at the 3rd Grade. Earlier she was the student at the Sekolah Alam Cikeas ( SAC) where the White/Red uniform is not necessity.

I have to transfer my Daughter to Local school since the location is nearest from our home, she can take a walk there back and fort. And also the school fee there not as high as at the private school SAC. Fact is we don't have to pay, is free because it is subsidize by the government.

What make me happy is that she is accepting the fact that she have to move to this school. 
I love you my little girl. thanks for understanding the problem.

She is so proud with her uniform, her shoes ...

Say goodbye to Mommie...take care honey