Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Life Artist - The Album is DONE

It's done now. Thanks to Mba Ria who teach me how to make a GREAT layout on Canvas...it's totally new for me and it's so priceless experience

Journaling is my weakness :)...but Mba Ria encourage me to do it with her 6 Tips - 5 W + 1H : WHO,WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, WHY and HOW.

I must improve my drawing ability..

i made a "Flip it" envelope so I can put 3 of my foto inside it...
I like the Bingo vintage card..and going to use it over and over in my next album

The flower is handmade..by ME ....yes me...cute isn't it
My Messy desk..yea I like it
I scraplifted the wording from Ria. Gak pa pa kan Mbaaa....

That's it...Canvas album..Honoring the Life of Art whithin our soul

The Starbuck Album - It's Finished :)..Tadaaa

This Album inspired by Wilna...you can check her blog. I love it. Don't U ?