Sunday, March 18, 2012

Book Week 2012 at Sekolah Alam Cikeas, Cibubur

Years go event of the 2012 Book Week at Sekolah Alam Cikeas is happening.

Many event have been held, such as Bazaar, student performances, student exhibition etc .
The above picture is the latest newest AMPHY Theater build by the school.
The outside theater is so great

The student are preparing themselves for their performances, and you see here the costume aren't expensive. It is all using recycle special custom were bought. So this is a great idea in order to support the Green Earth. And We parents happy because we don't have to spend extra money to buy the expensive wardrobe..Ha!
The above story is about the Ugly Duckling....:)

Kids are Kids...they were so cute and adorable

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