Wednesday, November 30, 2011

You and Me

Don't worry baby girl, I am not going to let you go..Mommy holding you

Worth Remembering

I love this moment and I didn't want to missed it, I always have my camera ready so then I took a Snap snap snap...made this Page in about 2-3 hours...incredibly soo fast. I break a record. yeaay :)!!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Made to Order layout

These are the Made to order layout which I have time to documented it...the rest I forgot..( silly me yeahh...)

Fabulous 8th, my girl Bunga

Bunga my youngest daughter, She turn 8 on the 20th of me she is still a baby, a big baby and I always love when she put her kitty face like remind me of the cat character on the Shrek movie which she adore him vuerry much

On this layout out I am using Lily Bee High Over heels collection, Dusty attic's small scroll, Maya Road transparencies mini ticket strip, Cosmo Cricket Odds n end cut out, Prima flower, KnC die cut..etc

Love it...

Monday, October 10, 2011

You Are 15, my Teenage Boy

My Son, JODY MAULANA VIRGIAWAN was turning 15 on 31 August 2011...and the page was already made for him long while back....i am sometime a lazy mom who is not visiting her blog for quite sometimes...*grins*...just today I am uploading you Son..forgive me you Jojo

you are Sweet and unique kind of boy.

This is ME..

Scrapbook is Self Healing...yes I believe that, especially if you like to heal yourself..:)
Just like me, it is super healing when I make myself as vocal point on the scrapbook layout.
I'm pretty satisfied for about Me layout, check it out guys..

I am using Echo Park paper Victorian Garden, Tim Holt film strip, Tim Holt Ticket and other embellishment.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

One Defining Moment

Ramadhan is the time where we can have a lot of beautiful pictures and lot of family pictures.
The above is the picture of my brother and sister, Four of us.

On this layout I am using paper from Bo Bunny's Gabrielle, Glitz, 7Gypsies, trinket Key from Making Memory, resin Frame, Bo Bunny Trinket, Tim Holtz Dies for sizzix,Webster Calendar..etc

No more Tupperware...perhaps :)

I am finally home, after spent a week in my home town in Bandung for Ramadhan Holiday. I love my house in Bandung because it is the house where I grew up which I called it a HOME no.1, and I love my Home in Cibubur because it is our Family Nest where my children will be growing up here.

One day after I reached home is Cleaning up, you can imagine how thick is the dust on the floor, cabinet..everywhere

And when I clean out the cabinet and the store room, I realize that I have so many Tupperware that is piling up so high.
That moment I decided not to buy another tupperware again and or plastic container. I have a lot of them and I decided to use them not to keep'em

Some tupperware on the Box

This are the tupperware collection that I use and also plastic container that I always use I put in this basket

The tupperware are still in the Box that I never use...WHAT!!..

Bunch of tupperware, some of them are still wrapped in the plastic...Oh Em Ji..

Tupperware on the sink, after I rewash it :)

More tupperware...

I think that is enough. Now my plan is to use some of the container to house all the raw material, kitchen supplies...etc

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Birthday BOY! >>>> 31.08.2011

My Son, You are 15 now...on the day of Ied Mubarak day

I still remember when I cuddling you when you were a baby.. I still can not believe that you are now a Teen God! time goes by so fast.

I am so proud of you and love you more and more
Please be a good boy and may Allah blessed you....Amiin.

Happy Birthday JODY.

Happy Eid Mubarak 1432H

Happy Eid Mubarak 1432H from our family to yours...May the blessings of Allah fill your life with happiness and open all the doors of success now and always.

Above is the view from the field where we held the Ied Pray

Actualy during the festive day we are cooking special food i.e Ketupat dan Opor Ayam...however due to too much excitement this morning, I didn't take the picture of the food :)...I completely forgot.

However today i am so happy and I love seeing the laughter in the children faces because they passed the holly month of Ramadhan without failed.And last but not least they pocketed lots of money given from their parents, uncles, aunty and elderly people.

I wish that I will meet Ramadhan in the coming year.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Scrapbooking stuff - Crazy Shopping

Yesterday I visited my friend house Patricia who own an Online shop for Scrapbooking stuff on FB here Scrapwithlove Scrapbooking

Here's what I bought...and I really went crazy seeing so many good things..papers,! I really couldnot control my self. My eyes become green when it see beautiful stuff :)

I bought some papers from Bo Bunny,Graphic 45, Basic Grey, Little Yellow Bicyle, Making Memories, Irock, Die Cuts

Papers..stickers, brads Bo Bunny

some metal gears from Tim Holtz and stamp from Donna Downey, Graphic 45 Metal Door Knob

Add ImageTim Holtz Dies and embossing tools

Graphic 45, Basic grey, Pink Paisley Mistable yummy

I-Rock tools

that's it...

Lebaran gone..

I was buying the cookies for Lebaran actually which is due on August 30, it is tradition that for Lebaran we have to serve at least 2-3 cookies jars for the guests or for the family who are coming over to the house for Silaturahmi...but in my case it is not going to happen because The cookies have already been eaten by us before was me who ate it, right after breaking the fasting, I grab the cookies and enjoying it with the Hot one stop me.

Hmm...I should by another extra...Oh My..

Monday, August 22, 2011

Po - Kungfu Panda

Happy Monday everyone...Po is on the move and in different adventure and different villain...if you haven't have time to see this movie Kungfu Panda, pls go watch it... especially if you have seen the 1st one. You will smile, lough and giggle...Yup this is a very light funny movie, you don't even have to think or brow your eyes. Ciaat!!!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Blessed My Country - the 66th Independence Day

Yeay!!!..Happy Birthday Indonesia...., 66 years ago we announced to the world our independent day and today we all celebrating the big day. Just so you know when the Declaration of Independence day announced it was on 17th of Ramadhan day 1945 and today also happening on 17th of Ramadhan 2011

In my Neighborhood Pine Forest, we celebrate the day by conducting a simple Games for the children and parents and also we had a Break Fasting together.

Below are the pictures that I recorded

Games, winner, happy faces

FOOD..FOOD..yes we will have them for breaking the fasting..we have Bakso, Mpek Mpek, Es Kelapa Muda, Hot Tea, Fried Banana, Cakes..ahh so many. Those food are contribution from the Pine Forest community

All the Bapa Bapa also compete in the games..moving up the peanuts ball from one plate to another plate using the chopstick. It is Fun game :)

Above are the moment where we break the fasting..We have a wonderful time. And will look forward to meeting all the guys after the Lebaran day for Silaturahim

Monday, August 8, 2011

Mini Album for my Sister's Family

I made this album within 3 days :)..what a lazy women, but I love how it came out.
See here, For the box to house the mini album I am using the box that was originally to house the chipboard paper, instead of throwing it away I altered the box for my mini album.

the mini album shape is Accordeon

I hope my sister like it...