Friday, August 19, 2011

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Blessed My Country - the 66th Independence Day

Yeay!!!..Happy Birthday Indonesia...., 66 years ago we announced to the world our independent day and today we all celebrating the big day. Just so you know when the Declaration of Independence day announced it was on 17th of Ramadhan day 1945 and today also happening on 17th of Ramadhan 2011

In my Neighborhood Pine Forest, we celebrate the day by conducting a simple Games for the children and parents and also we had a Break Fasting together.

Below are the pictures that I recorded

Games, winner, happy faces

FOOD..FOOD..yes we will have them for breaking the fasting..we have Bakso, Mpek Mpek, Es Kelapa Muda, Hot Tea, Fried Banana, Cakes..ahh so many. Those food are contribution from the Pine Forest community

All the Bapa Bapa also compete in the games..moving up the peanuts ball from one plate to another plate using the chopstick. It is Fun game :)

Above are the moment where we break the fasting..We have a wonderful time. And will look forward to meeting all the guys after the Lebaran day for Silaturahim