Monday, December 20, 2010

Kids Scrap @ Home - My First Class

Hi Guys....

It never occured in my head that I teach scrapbooking...never..but then I am thinking why don't I share my hobby and ability with others. Scrap booking makes us
happy and this is what I want to share with them.

The first thing came to my mind is te
aching the Kids. Because they are still fresh and they are fun to teach. So the plan was working. I held Scrap class for Kid on 18th of December. The place taken in my House and the Kids who were joined are from my neighborhood. I set 6 Kits but however 2 other kid can not attend ( at the last minute )so only 4 of them join the class ( including my daughter ). 4 is better than none.

This is the Kit...I made Pink for girls and blue for boy.

I also prepare the Snacks for them..I know Kids love to snack

The Tools

Okay...the class is start..this is Reizi..the only BOY..look how serious he is
This is Keisya..
and Rona...
Last is daughter

Glueing... sorry the back ground room is messy :)

To be honest I did not make any concept for this class..I just let the Kid do what they want and let them explore. So that's why I give them lots of embelishement and paper punch, coz I know they will love it

One by one showing their creation :

Happy Kids with their first scrap

I was so happy that the class was exactly as done as my plan..and maybe for future will think to make another course for teenager and with a concept.

That's a WRAP.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Door Sign from Leftover Cardboard

Dear Artsy Friend...

Online Shopping is booming nowadays..especially for Scrapbooking activities. I am the one who got infected by it. And to be honest buying from online is cheaper than we buy from the regular store. But we also have to be more selective because not all the E-store are trustfully. Just be careful guys.

Talking about Scrap papers that I bought from Online shop, I have so many leftover packaging as below, a brown cardboard. I never throw it as I know that board will be useful someday. Remember about being GO GREEN,right - Reduce Recylce Reuse.

To cut the story is what I have in mind by using the left over cardboard..I made the DOOR hanger for my craft room.

It's very simple and only take 2 - 3 hours to make it and I really love the result..check it out

I covered the cardboard first by using leftover paper from magazines, pls see the background.

and, I love metal charms as embelishement ( I sell it too in my Online store ) and the lovely owl is proudly standing there.

A day without scrap booking is a day without this quote

Okay, that is it guys...if we think creative we can do better for the world :)and for ourselves...

Happy Crafting and Keep Scrapping!

Thursday, December 16, 2010


One thing in your life that can make you happy is meeting OL' FRIEND...This time I attended the reunion of my college's friend - ex Padjadjaran University - FISIP'86! that was old but we are still act like young people..ha!

The invitation was spread since a month ago. However some of them could not make it due to some reasons and that we have to understand it. the D-day....only few of us were present...but still we were enjoying it..and we really had a good time and this event will be done every 6 month

Here are the pictures...they are My Family

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Memory Box - Artsy Girls Workshops

The Memory Box was at the second day of the Artsy Class.
Mine finished as below. The Box has 32 of shadow box and have to fill it by our memorable photos and memorabilia or ephemeras

The last box at the right still empty , I will fill it in once I got something to be put insede

The box above having my family, hubby and me and the kids and also the mini stitch's very cute and the box is fit to house the miniature stitching machine
In this box, I have my sisters and my brother, and my daughter Bunga and my son Jody, and last but not least a mini owl I bought it from Pasar Seni ITB from last October 10.10.10...

By the way, this isn't finish yet...there was one more program to upload, It was a Fabric Album and since I have not finish it so I am not ready to upload it. But soon!

Canvas Bag - Artsy Girls Workshops

It started from the blank canvas bag, this bag is provided from the class. What I do is make a collage layout.

Above is the inside of the bag, the bag is very handy, i can put all the scrapbooking stuffs inside it. thank you Mba Ria for creating this bag.

Due to timing, I did not finished the painting during the workshop so i continued make a sketch of the little angel at home as above is the final happy that I can finish it and so happy that my paint is not bad at all

Hello, little miss fairy..gonna carry you anywhere for a scrapactivites..:)

Thursday, December 2, 2010

I wanna new blog layout

I want to change my blog layout to something shabby and vintage..
Okayy...let me look and browse for it and be back soon with the new look.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sunday 11/21 - so dark at 15.30 pm

What happened on Sunday afternoon dated 11/21/2010 - it was at 15.30 pm but it look like 18.00 was dark and heavy rain and huge thunder.

The view on the pic is taken from the front of our house

The BEACH - Yummy Album

Howdy crafter...
I finished up the album in 3 days...I call this album a Yummy album..WHY, because it is colorful Green, Orange and yellow.
I have taken a lot of pictures during the vacation at the beach, it was about more than 500 pics..but for this album I only took our kiddos "special moments" because they were so fun and cute. Children in this album are my children Jody and Bunga, and my nephew and niece Nadine & Arya also my cousin.

Above the is the cover and you can see the inside album on below pics. Hope you like it as much as I do.

oh yea, I am using Maya Road Album, and paper is from Bo Bunny, October afternoon and many others.