Sunday, August 29, 2010

Another Dream Come True at this Holly Month

Another dream come true...and I am blessed...Finally i can own this DSLR camera...phfeww...It's Nikon my one and only hope to have and even it's standard type but I feel so happy to have it...I dont need D5000 type coz i have my camcoder alone for video recorder...Yaaay...Click Click Click..

Artsy Girl Getaway - The Beginning

One of my dream is joining the Artsy far that never happen locally...But then out of the blue Mba Ria make an event like I wanted to...( mba Ria..did you read my mind..hehehe ). So without any double triple thinking or any consideration I said YES and booked the space for the first Artsy Girt Getaway event.....Insya Allah..I will be there...

Am Sure that gonna be so much fun there and so much thing to't wait..wooohooo!

Thanks to Mba Ria for lighting the Torch for us the Artsy Girl.....