Monday, December 20, 2010

Kids Scrap @ Home - My First Class

Hi Guys....

It never occured in my head that I teach scrapbooking...never..but then I am thinking why don't I share my hobby and ability with others. Scrap booking makes us
happy and this is what I want to share with them.

The first thing came to my mind is te
aching the Kids. Because they are still fresh and they are fun to teach. So the plan was working. I held Scrap class for Kid on 18th of December. The place taken in my House and the Kids who were joined are from my neighborhood. I set 6 Kits but however 2 other kid can not attend ( at the last minute )so only 4 of them join the class ( including my daughter ). 4 is better than none.

This is the Kit...I made Pink for girls and blue for boy.

I also prepare the Snacks for them..I know Kids love to snack

The Tools

Okay...the class is start..this is Reizi..the only BOY..look how serious he is
This is Keisya..
and Rona...
Last is daughter

Glueing... sorry the back ground room is messy :)

To be honest I did not make any concept for this class..I just let the Kid do what they want and let them explore. So that's why I give them lots of embelishement and paper punch, coz I know they will love it

One by one showing their creation :

Happy Kids with their first scrap

I was so happy that the class was exactly as done as my plan..and maybe for future will think to make another course for teenager and with a concept.

That's a WRAP.