Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Re-Touch My Wardrobe

I try to sorting out my clothes...After I shopped at Mangga Dua last sunday..I figured it out that my cupboard is almost full ( to be honest... it is loaded ) so..anyway I pulled out old one and some of them try to mix and match. And being Oprah's fan..She told us not to CLUTTER..if you buy one thing then you have to get rid off another one. In this case I do not throw it away, but I am going to give it away to my relative, but some of my clothes are going to packed in the hidden box...just incase some day the fashion of that style is coming back. You happen to know that Fashion is like a Roller coaster is coming back, yeap..keep coming back.
Anyway..I mix old one and new one as in this picture above and below. I am going to wear as it..but not to office, only when I hang out with my family or friends..

The Shopping Mangga Dua. Yess!

Last Sunday, me and my sister went to Mangga Dua. That is the biggest mall for retail and wholesale for fashion item, computer, gadget..anything you just name it and you can find it there.
So my destination is offcourse to buy some new fashion clothes, becoz been a very very long time not visiting Mangga Dua, so I ..actually WE are excited.

I got new Kipling Bag!

I was told by a friend that Kipling is offering 20 to 50% discount. So last weekend I went to the store and found this bag for a 50% Discount...Great huh. Color is Maroon and very basic loo. This bag is Medium size, but I love the Big size bag because I can load everything in gym wear, my lunch box..anything...maybe I can put the puppy in it too...hahahaha