Thursday, June 3, 2010

Passionately CURIOUS...

thank's to devimphie....because of you..i become a fan of I can read

Your Job Is Not Your Career

I been reading this book. everyday..on a home.... and it such an inspiration. Rene - the author guide us how to find the passion in our working world. The book is easy to understand, colorful and the important is he show you that there is more in life than current job you do.

Take this " Your Job is NOT your Career"....and I believe it

To all my friends, this book is recommended.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Indonesian Scrapbooker's Gathering

Finally..The day is come..Anxiously waiting for this the scrapbooker...yaay!

Sneak Peak my Shopping Bag :)

Something that I bought this month...colorful, black, red and yellow..Yipee..there are Happy Colors for me
Then I bought 2 scarfs...and what made me proud of my self is I found a very cheap Jeans like above..funky wash effect..branded you know how much...??? CHEAAPPPP...

I love the hang I collect clutter am I..but maybe I need it someday for my Scrapbook embelishement
I even love this plastic yellow and bright..
And last but not least.. this plastic bag is also is MR. FUNNY OWL...

Last Week Holiday...

Been a While..not blogging. So busy with official works..gee! killing me. Finally last week we have a long weekend from May 28 to May 30..a long holiday that I am waiting for ( at least can release a little pressure on my shoulder ).

So...what I do...going home to my home town, a place where I was born and grew up. A place where I finished my school and got my degree at. A place where I really call it first home...BANDUNG