Saturday, May 8, 2010

Day 1 - Week In The Life Project

The first day of starting the project called "A Week In The Life Project, the founder of this project is Ali Edwards and we the scrap buddies is challenged to do the same. We will start from May 8 to May 13

Anyway I am sorry that when I upload this pics is not in orderly..because I am bit Sleepy and no time to reorganize it. And today I shoots more than 20 pics but only a few that I choose to upload, BUT maybe I will add some later if I found it interesting for the album.

This is the Dress code for today Scrap Class " OUR JOURNEY"...Blue Tosca..

** Saturday is off to my little one is like playing in our front yard..jumping like a kanguru

** A cup of Black Cofffe made by my Husband...every morning we both drink's a delicious Arabica coffee..I bought is specially from Bandung Kopi Aroma...

** Never let your eyes skip the news

** Every Mother will do the laundry by her self..of course the machine will do :)

** Today our House Assistant alias the Maid is gone off for 2 days, so I said to my Son to do his own dishes and there he was.

** After that he can watch TV

** This is the view from our kitchen ..sorry not so fancy back yard, but we love ourhouse so much.