Friday, February 4, 2011

The Aviary Workshop

Tomorrow Feb 05, I will be joining the Aviary class held by Colette Wibisono, the sample of her work can be seen it here. I am so excited because I like her works so's so vintage..grunge..hippy and so fun.

I will posted the pic of the album later once the class is over...

Monday, January 31, 2011

The Trims Package

Hi Guys..As I tell you earlier that I will sell some of my trims on my online shop here

This is the example of the packaging :

and inside the plastic package are as follow : 3 kind of Ribbons, Plastic Buttons, Metal Charms, Mini Princess doll and a Mini Unicorn

I have 2 other different package and will upload it soon..and I made only a few due to the limitation :)...

I hope you people like them...

The Ribbons and stuff

I Just bought some stuff like Ribbons, metal charms and Colorful Trims. I could not help my self not to buy it. The ribbons are so vintage especially the woven ribbon and the metal charms are adorable ( Some are sell in my online shop )

I found the mini princess and lovely colorful roses at the local market and bought each color a lovely aren't they

Can't wait to upload on my online shop...yeaay!!