Thursday, May 12, 2011

Wow..Idle hand...

My oh my..been idle a lot..due to lazyness that attacked me..and also i have been without the maid for the past 2 months so my hand tied up :).

This week i have a little time to finish my layout...for my Daughter and my it is

The first one is UNIQUE,is for Bunga when she wore the Indonesian traditional clothing from Sulawesi provence. It was a little difficult to find the fit dress for her as she is one chubby little at the last minute we decided to dress her with that outfit that we call BAJU BODO from Sulawesi..and voila!! she was adorable on that :). She have to wore that outfit in order to commemorate the KARTINI's Day every April 21. Most of the School celebrating the birth of Kartini by giving instruction to all the student to wearing traditional cloth from all over the provinces in Indonesia. I dunno why we have to wear traditional cloth every 4/21..

Here is Jody my THE BEACH he was so adventurous...want to try something new. This picture was my favourite ones :)....and so proud him too

A little mementos from the beach, the shell..and sands..