Friday, May 27, 2011

Handmade Necklaces

Beberapa hasil karyaku...karena di rumah banyak beads, charms etc yang overstock jadi aku bikin aja necklaces...sorry ya kalo fotonya sedikit kurang OK..

gak semuanya saya upload disini, karena timing aja ( bin males juga sihh..hehehe ) Di jual kah ini ? tentu saja..tapi sementara hanya di jual di kalangan terbatas saja...alias ke temen temen sekitar nya

Innocentia First Blogiversay Giveaway

Dear Friends...

If you like the Giveaway event...pls visit Innocentia's blog a very talented Indonesian crafter here

She is celebrating her 1st blogiversary

If you are lucky you can win one of those prizes set , actually there are 3 set of prizes. You can view the complete detail as I mention on above link

Pls hurry..and I hope to win it, cross my finger

Thursday, May 26, 2011

OWLs manics

Hey, ladies...kalo punya sisa scrap paper...what will you do...simple !, let's make mini owl yang bisa di jadikan pajangan, just like above

ini Sleepy owl yang kebanyakan makan durian dan yg kanan Owl yang abis kejedot kepalanya...huehehehe

Owl dari kain perca...yg sedikit melongo, dan owl bermata sayu

Orange Owl...yeah why not....and si biru owl yg lagi ceria...

There you are...nanti temen temen mu akan bertambah ya...

The Sketch of the Day - "HOOTIE" Owl love Cooking

I made this sketch and going to try make one sketch every week...or whenever I want..:)

what should I call this happy owl who can cook a Pie...Happy Hootie Pie Mamma...

by the way...I am using a oil crayon to coloring the owl
OK..see you

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Another friend's blog I like

I found another blog that i am going to visit regularely, and I am in love with her blog " Amesh Budiristio, check it out here . Enough said...better you find out by your self

Handmade OWL is May 24, Wednesday...time goes by so fast.
for those who are working from 9 to 5 must be thrilled coz will be receiving a payment by the end of the month...yeaay! and happy for you guys.

anyway, few days ago I visited friend blog idekuhandmade and she give a simple tutorial on how to make a cute OWL plush doll...check it out here

You can see the cute owl below...and am sure you can follow the step by step easily

You can also find her beautiful craft and art on her blog.Good job sista Puri

Monday, May 23, 2011

Breakfast Jayakarta Hotel Bandung

Apa sih yang paling penting dimulai pagi pagi...yeah tentu saja having breakfast...I prefer skip lunch then skip breakfast.
Breakfast gives you energy to start the day...Iya kan bro/sis

This sunday, we have family breakfast at Hotel Jayakarta Bandung...the hotel is very comfy, here are some of the pics taken there

mari kita mulai dengan Croissant dan pastry yang hangat plus segelas kopi...hmmm yummm

counter Bread and butter

Counter Minuman Traditional....Bandrek dan Bajigur ala Hotel Jayakarta
Counter Fruit and Salad....

ini adik bungsu ku..Ratna

ini..tentu saja yang punya Blog...hehehe...sedikit lebay :)

nah...ini teteh ku, the eldest sista...Julia

and all of us THREE...actually I still have one little brother, who doesn't joint the family breakfast, so..he is not in this picture too bad

Sementara yang tuir tuir makan pagi..anak anak di biarkan berenang...biarkan lah mereka puas ber Splish and splash

Susahnya menyuruh anak anak ber pose...ada yang cembetut lah..manyun..waakss...anyway love the children expressions
Jadi teringat the Blue Lagoon...nice picture...Yess!!

the future swimwear photomodel...hahaha

and this is me and my Son

The last one is Father and Son moment...Jody and his father aka my hubby they like a Twin ?