Sunday, December 5, 2010

Memory Box - Artsy Girls Workshops

The Memory Box was at the second day of the Artsy Class.
Mine finished as below. The Box has 32 of shadow box and have to fill it by our memorable photos and memorabilia or ephemeras

The last box at the right still empty , I will fill it in once I got something to be put insede

The box above having my family, hubby and me and the kids and also the mini stitch's very cute and the box is fit to house the miniature stitching machine
In this box, I have my sisters and my brother, and my daughter Bunga and my son Jody, and last but not least a mini owl I bought it from Pasar Seni ITB from last October 10.10.10...

By the way, this isn't finish yet...there was one more program to upload, It was a Fabric Album and since I have not finish it so I am not ready to upload it. But soon!

Canvas Bag - Artsy Girls Workshops

It started from the blank canvas bag, this bag is provided from the class. What I do is make a collage layout.

Above is the inside of the bag, the bag is very handy, i can put all the scrapbooking stuffs inside it. thank you Mba Ria for creating this bag.

Due to timing, I did not finished the painting during the workshop so i continued make a sketch of the little angel at home as above is the final happy that I can finish it and so happy that my paint is not bad at all

Hello, little miss fairy..gonna carry you anywhere for a scrapactivites..:)