Thursday, June 9, 2011

Finally He Pass!!...That's my Son

The first week of June was making us the parent live in a nightmare. coz what, we were expecting the announcement of Junior high school graduation and also expecting the final count of the NEM.

and...drum roll..please...My Son is graduated, yes he PASS and his NEM is above our standard. We call it OUR standard since we thought that when the exam was held he was studied like tomorrow is not an exam, he was so relaxed and we are the parent so like scrambling up and down, seeing how calm and relax he was. We thought if he gets this much nem is OK and we will accept it.

But this moment were really make us surprised since the NEM value of him is amazing. We could not believe it and we are so PROUD of you son. Love you

See below is the certificate letter mentioning "LULUS"..he will be a SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL student by the month of JULY

My teenage son..

We were so proud of you and we will not worry about how you study anymore...but we still watching you... and looking after you always...:)