Friday, December 17, 2010

Door Sign from Leftover Cardboard

Dear Artsy Friend...

Online Shopping is booming nowadays..especially for Scrapbooking activities. I am the one who got infected by it. And to be honest buying from online is cheaper than we buy from the regular store. But we also have to be more selective because not all the E-store are trustfully. Just be careful guys.

Talking about Scrap papers that I bought from Online shop, I have so many leftover packaging as below, a brown cardboard. I never throw it as I know that board will be useful someday. Remember about being GO GREEN,right - Reduce Recylce Reuse.

To cut the story is what I have in mind by using the left over cardboard..I made the DOOR hanger for my craft room.

It's very simple and only take 2 - 3 hours to make it and I really love the result..check it out

I covered the cardboard first by using leftover paper from magazines, pls see the background.

and, I love metal charms as embelishement ( I sell it too in my Online store ) and the lovely owl is proudly standing there.

A day without scrap booking is a day without this quote

Okay, that is it guys...if we think creative we can do better for the world :)and for ourselves...

Happy Crafting and Keep Scrapping!

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Mba Wie....Happy Scrapping terus yaa... stamp mesin jahitnya so cute! >.<