Sunday, March 21, 2010

Proud to be part of the Team

This layout dedicated to all my friend and my boss in my Team. They were all superb. We were like family and so close to each other.

since I work in Garment industry, so I make an embellishment that is has relation with our WORLD...a dummy, garment on hanger, measurement tape, sewing machine, fabric and button ( what else do I missed ? )
and I made it on Canvas. Ground is green which is one of my favorite color, second eye catch is the yellow dummy and picture of us in RED. yes Red is my number one color. :)

I love it. Hope my friend loves it too. I am going to display it my office ..yaay!


Arumdati Wardhani said...

cuteeee... nice LO and embellishments!!, bikin sendiri ya gmbr dummy,kemeja n dress nya? Nice!

Dewie.Rha said...

mba dhani, sorry telat jawab. Iya bikin sendiri :)..penghematan