Thursday, April 29, 2010

Something from Inacraft 2010 Expo

Something left from Inacraft...A bee..such a cute
A mini suitcase from Bagus Bagus

Bunch of ribbons and fabric for my scrapbook project

A mini Black this thing even cost me a lot..

wooow...BUTTERFLY...lovely !

Two FAIRIES..Pink and adorable

A set of HENs..very cheap, Got it 3 ps for the price of RP.20000. Gonna put it all in my Wall of Fame..:)..*wink*

Found an OWL bag..I did not buy it I just adore it. So cute

Cute..Love the Black and White idea

Black...White and Red...such a lovely color combination..edgy look...vintage...yummy..

Look at the Lamps..I have to have one of it...( LATER)...I know where to buy it :)..psstt...

I love the Display ...the Bag is cute though..

That's it folks...
I have so much fun at many beautiful Art and Craft...But Too bad I did not see all the foot is killing me..anyway, I am so happy.

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