Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sweet Serenity - Painting

I was dyeing to learnt painting and seeing that in my scrapbook community most of the girls are very talented or I can say they are Multi talented not only can create beautiful art things by hand they also talented in painting on canvas media and or mix media..and to be honest I was so jealous :)...( in a good way ofcourse ).

So time goes by....I encourage my self to start painting...slowly but sure and little by little.

As the begginer, I paints "whatever" as much as I can...the result as below...and honestly I still finding my Identity and my muse..:)

The Sweet Serenity :

Below is the background paper I used. I made it using scrapbook paper and made the collage.

I am going to paints again again to improve my self...I know I can.

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