Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sweet April

God, It's April already...times gone by so fast...so fast..
well okay last month I got the honour to teach scrapbook at the Elementary school where my daughter went. It had something to do with the Event they held every year which what they called the BOOK WEEK. So this time I was invited by the School Board to share my knowledge with the student. I Accept that offer since i also want to introduce the same to them

Above pics is the kit I prepare for the Class. the budget given is very limited and with that budget I have to provide about 50 sets of kit...WOW..WOW...since I will teach 2 class (#1 Grade).

this is inside the Class...the teacher is briefed the students. You know kids rights..:)....

The Class begin....

I Love the enthusiasm among the students..

So serious doing their layout...hmmmm..

Some of them sat down on the floor

and YEAAYY...the layout is finished..they happy to show it to their parents

Last but not least by the end of the class..always taking a picture with the student...Happy face on the student and the teacher ..a bit tired...but I AM HAPPYYYYYY.....YESS!!

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