Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Mommy's Little Helper

Penyakit males sudah menimpa diriku...males ngupdate blog...males update faceboo, twitter.....males ngapa ngapain deh...
today i encourage myself to write..anything laa...anything..

Just so you know, this month is the 8th month of ME being a full time housewife hehehe, and I enjoy it very much..i have less income now but watching the kids at home is gratefull and I enjoy so much having lunch with them almost everyday....well to be honest I miss my office friends and all the jokes at work and all the stressed during working... however for this moment I prefer to stay home first

I have no Maid till today..so everything have to be done by me..and my little helper.

However this little helper is working base on their mood.
Yesterday they help me in the kitchen..here is their activities that I catch..

My Son, Jody..he was helping me cooking frying the Kerupuk..

Bunga, my younger...helped me cutting the long beans...

Look at how she hold the bean..

That day, the cooking time takes shorter time coz I got their help..I was so happy and i can see that my kid was also enjoying the cooking time together..so precious moment.

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