Monday, August 8, 2011

The Family Coffee Addict

Hello Monday,
Time goes by so very fast. And Fasting is one week gone. And 3weeks ahead going to be Lebaran..the day that we are waiting for after a month of fasting...the celebration day

Last week ago I made 3 scrapbook layout..and i just have a chance to upload it today. I will seperate the layout in 3 posting today

I like Coffee and I am a coffee addict. Everyday in the morning I usually drink coffee and once a week I go to Starbuck at my nearest home to drink coffee there and enjoying the free wifi. I can spent 2 -3 hours alone ( ME time)
But I am not a freak coffee addict, I still consume the coffee in the normal way, like one cup a day just to start the day.

My Son and my Daughter become to liking coffee...but for them only the latte or mix beverages between chocoa syrup +coffee

I dont want to missed the memory where we have a good times drinking coffee together, here is the lay out

I am using Kraft paper as the ground, October afternoon 5dime, 7gyspsies and other scrap papers. Not to mention that I also attached the starbuck coffee cup as a memorabilia..:)

Well we have so much fun there.

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