Monday, May 30, 2011

Hunting Season..aka small shopping

Weekend is having me Jalan jalan alias Sight seeing...can be buying weekly groceries..eating..or to the bookstore.
After a full week at home, last week I decided to go to the bookstore, Gramedia to be exact which located at Pondok Indah Mall

I bought several item, A Giotto marker for fabric the inspiration from idekuhandmade here. Then I bought Amos craft glue a "buy 1 get 1 free" one for my daughter and one for me, a mini Canvas pad, 3 UNI Posca Pen color WHITE,SILVER and GOLD, Glue stick for my Glue gun..i need it for stock as usual, and cute paperclip, and White marker pencil.
Giotto Coloring pen for Fabric...yeayy...finally I have it and I will post it soon my creation

The book above is how to utilize the used tin can for something useful and you also can earn money. Anyway for me...I need it for my hobby first

I bought 3 cute note book..which are on sale ( I love sale things ) I bought it since I have a plan in mind to make a cover for this note book as I was very inspired by Vitarlenology and Oma Anna's blog and also Southern Institute for Domestic art, you can find the blog here. Of course there are many tutorial for the same thing. I just name only a few.

See, The inside book is cute and I couldn't resist not to buy them. Pls wait my creation of the note book...I wish I can finish it this week...hieeks...

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