Monday, May 30, 2011

Mac and Cheese my Cook

Do you believe that I am not into cooking or baking...but whenever I have an idea or mood...I jumped right away to the kitchen and start what I did last weekend. I knew that my children so in love with macaroni and cheese and this time I said to myself that I have to make it by myself

The ingredient and recipe is so simple. Fact is ..I did not follow the recipe, I just do it like that...aka follow my sense..( hahaha ).
What you need is Macaroni itself, a bit of flour, minced meat, eggs, milk,onion,butter and a pasta bolognese souce. And I also added minced carrots

below is the ready to bake Mac and Cheese, on top i covered the macaroni with the white sauce and I put slices of cheese also. almost isn't it

I forgot to take a picture of how my son enjoying eating the Mac and cheese, I just take the picture of the half slice he is taken..:) and then he continue eating the Mac after I shoot the food

The very best thing is when my Son give me the compliment that the Mac and Cheese is so Yummy and tasty...that make me feel so excited :) worthy of spending 2 hours in the kitchen. HA!

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