Monday, July 11, 2011

My Son First Day School at Senior High

Happy Monday! Everyone

Today is July 11 and just so you know my son Jody is now officially a Senior High School student.
He is registered at this school here SMA CITRA NUSA.
LinkToday is the 1st day he go to the NEW school for the Orientation's like Meet and Greet with the teachers, seniors, school mate fella..introduction..bla..bla..bla

The school is quite far from our house..and I am not ready to letting my son go to school alone.He is a Momma's Boy type of son (**grins).
So this morning we start the day very early. 5.30 am off we go to school and arrived at 6.45

I've seen the teachers...and the seniors ( OSIS staff )and also seen people there and hope that he will enjoy as the student there.

After I feel confident that he is safe then I went home and as usually left him with a bunch of advises and words, all i want is to make sure that he is going to alright. And oh Son insist that I don't need to pick him up, he can go home alone...(hmmm..i am not sure Jo)..well let see.

I am quite happy with the school and the atmosphere there.

Good luck JO!

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