Thursday, July 14, 2011

Treasure Box - A Tribute for my Parent

You will never know when the "mojo" will come. Just like me. When I am in the good mood I can finish my project in 1-2 hours or 2 day to the max. But if your mojo is going somewhere then the project can been pending for 1-2 weeks and even months..hehe

My project is making the memory box which was inspired by Tim Holtz, 7Gypsies, Irene Tan and Sharon Ong, Ria Nirwana and other inspiring creative people.

Here is the Treasure Box that finally finished...haha...after 2 months on hold .

This Box is my tribute for my parents who already passed away years back

I love the picture of my Mom when she was younger and healty..:(

Here is my Dad and Mom..they were a Soul Mate...

This is me on my Mom's lap...tiny baby of ME..:).

Pictures mean a thousand words..this tell us a lotta of stories..our keepsakes memory for my sister and my brother

Oh ya...just so you know the BOX i am using is bought from a friend of mine Suryanti Halim, you can visit her blog here
The Box come plain in cream color so we have to decorate it by our self, dress it up as pretty as possible :)
So if you like to altered the box as me and other people and want to use cheaper box locally made, pls go to Suryanti's blog

See you...and happy scrappy

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