Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Day 3 - Week in The Life Project

Yayy!...3rd day of the week..

View from our porch...It's raining..the road is wet and I can smell the wet soil..it's so amazing that I like that smell...

I am not going to the office today since my maid still on the Run :)...I am planning to make a Macaroni Schottel for tonite dinner and if there is leftover can have it for breakfast tomorrow

VOILA!!...the Macaronie schottel is READY...tempting isn't it

This is what happen to my teenage Son, JODY in the evening, play the game and talking on the phone

While His sister Bunga - at the right is having Drink Milk competition with her friend Rona

When the night is coming, I sit in front of the porch waiting for my hubby and I tell them I don't cook dinner as I am too tired. I spent a lot of energy of making the schottel..Hahaha!

This is me...so Tired and hoping my maid is coming home tonite

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