Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Day 4 - Week in The Life Project

Day 4..Yayyy!!..
early morning checking all stuff for my Son school uniform..
and swimming suit for my little girl, today is Swimming class with her school at Sekolah Alam Cikeas

Today layout..happy face of us

Hmmm..messy...my clothes...( 90% are T'Shirt ) .what do I have to wear today...

My Bag..all check and complete...Compact camera included ..today I am going to the office...have I told you that my maid has return last nite..( yippeee!!)

This is the view Inside the Bus..so crowded..I left 7 am from the pick up point and arrive 8.45 am in Kuningan Area . So almost 2 hours to reach office..so I use the 2 hours as my extra sleeping time

Drop by at the ATM first before entering office. By the way..today I wear Red.

Don't forget Finger print..Tiiit..and the door is open

My messy desk

My drawer...it never got the time to make it tidy...:)

Serious face..1 day off yesterday can create a huge back log in my area and today I have to read 200 msg ++...you can imagine it. My head is spinning around.

It's time to have lunch. We always bring lunch box and have lunch together with the team and sharing the food..that is a bliss.

Before going home I buy a box of Donuts..and all Chocolates our family favorite,we heart it

It's good to be home...to my family....

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Ria said...

Mba Dewie..........nice pictures.....nice family.......so proud that you successfully uploading the pictures every day....keep it up!!!