Saturday, May 15, 2010

Day 6 - Week in The Life Project

May Holiday..time to have quality moment with my kid in the morning...
anyway, I am 2 days behind...too busy to upload this pics...but don't want to missed any we are

My hubby and son, sorting out the dvd collection

Noodle for breakfast..hmm yum yummm

Holiday the homework for my son...Watering the garden

I have new a Wall of Fame and to house all my Favourite things

Pink Angel I bought at InaCraft, finally has a home

There they are...half of the cabinet..

in this is a Wall cabinet where also to house all the miniatures

This is not all..I still have 2 boxes waiting..

Then..Cloudy..Heavy Rain..Storm..Blasts..

I enjoyed the rain and eat this Fried Banana with cheese and choco...too good to be true

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