Thursday, May 13, 2010

Day 5 - Week in The Life Project

It's 5th day usual early morning my preparation is choosing the outfit :)..between Green - White - Purple
Have Fun for a while with princess Bunga

Time to wait for the Bus..( I ask my friend to take this pic..)..huu I feel like i am a model..yiiekss

Arriving in office..dumped the bag on the floor just like this...don't care!

What happen under my desk ?..just like this so messy, but this is only a part of it and dont want to show you at the other area. This part is enough. Ha!

My lunch for today, I buy it at the canteen at the basement..simple food but costy..hmmm

Green things at 7th Floor....

Way back home..I took a ride with my friends..the view from back seat as I sit in the back..Looking out is Traffic...traffic...almost every day and nite.

My Hubby buy a take a way food for Dinner..(additional menu) ...Sop Buntut Goreng for my Son

Mie ayam for my princess and Kwetiauw goreng for me...*wink*

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